Roman Kudryashov
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Roman Kudryashov

I do cross-disciplinary work with data, design, marketing, product development, and advertising. I'm a octogon-shaped peg in a square world.

I focus on designing, creating, and growing things.

Currently, I lead marketing strategy as the director of marketing at Pager, a healthcare technology company.

Previously, I was the director of digital for Kwiat | Fred Leighton, two bespoke luxury jewelry brands, and was the director of marketing at XSUNT, a small data services agency.

I'm also the Co-Founder and COO of Dragon Blood Balm, which produces expertly-crafted repair and recovery balms for high-performance athletes and TCM professionals.

I grew up splitting time in New York City and suburban New Jersey, and studied Service Design + Political Philosophy at the New School University. In between, I backpacked across Eastern Europe and the Middle East & worked odd jobs, lived in odd places.

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Director of Marketing, 2016-current

XSUNT Corporation is a private IT services company that does data integration and visualization for healthcare-related organizations. When I joined, they were having a difficulty in automating services into scalable products, and weren't closing sales deals as a result.

As Marketing Director, I focused on simplifying core messaging and expanding market focus; empowering the sales teams with new processes and support materials; and introducing user-experience design to their product portfolio.

Key Results:

  • Reduced active sales cycle time by 75%
  • Won expanded service contracts due to client/user satisfaction with new app user-experience
  • Launched a new website + marketing campaign to capture untapped sales leads


Product Marketing, Management, 2014-16

MediSolutions is a private company that builds products for HCPs and sells targeted advertising. Faced with a shrinking market share for both sides of the business, they were creating a new product every week to reestablish their foothold.

During my tenure there, I redesigned their marketing ecosystem for acquiring new sales leads and new users, consolidated the product portfolio, repositioned the company's efforts towards emerging healthcare markets, and focused on improving product management through user-experience design, lean development, content marketing, and optimized customer support.

Key Results:

  • Consolidated 7 brands into two core product identities
  • Generated more than $500,000 in new revenue through new leads
  • Reduced costs, decreased turnaround time, and increased responsiveness to customer needs through lean development and by internalizing production capabilities
  • Grew team capacity by leading training in UX design and research practices
  • Spearheaded the creation of a content and research department

Vartanian Lab, Cornell University

Freelance Client, 2014

Led by Dr. Tim Vartanian, the Lab focuses on new research in the causes and effects of multiple sclerosis. Despite their brilliant research and work with patients, they were finding it difficult to communicate with the public about their work.

I worked with the lab to create something that would maximize their impact with the least effort and cost on their part. The result was a website with bold imagery and a growing library of information about MS, designed to be accessible to both public and academic audiences.

Key Results:

  • Created an online footprint with fundraising capabilities to showcase the Lab's research and staff
  • Translated dense academic writing into widely readable communications
  • Created bold photographs, illustrations, and content to differentiate the lab from other academic sites


Anti-Defamation League, 2013
Worked together to QA and launch the "ADL Global 100" microsite and the "Hate on Display" database.

MIT CogNet, 2012
Worked together to taxonomize, QA, and launch the MIT CogNet, a digital cognitive sciences library.

Council on Foreign Relations, 2012
Worked with the editorial team on new research, articles, and publishing.

First Niagara Bank, 2011
Blueprinted a community microfunding partnership to address underserved banking demographics.

NYC Health, 2011
Worked with the Dept. of Health to blueprint a park-based service solution to childhood obesity in Bushwick.