Hi, I'm Roman Kudryashov
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Hi, I'm Roman Kudryashov

I design, create, and grow things.

I currently work with healthcare technology startup Pager as Director of Marketing and Product Management. I joined to build out their first marketing department and in the process ended up rebuilding their product management team as well.

I also run two small but growing companies – the athletics-focused Dragon Blood Balm as co-founder and co-CEO, and market-monitoring Recommended Systems as the founder and CEO.

I currently live in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado, and spent more than 15 years in New York City, where I studied Political Philosophy and Service Design at the New School University.

I took a strange road to get to here.

For a few years, I worked in journalism and ran the short-lived but much appreciated (in certain circles) What Are These Ideas? blog. I cut my teeth in publishing with the Council on Foreign Relations' web news team, the digitalization of MIT's Cognitive Sciences library, and work with the ADL.

Through small steps in adjacent directions, I ended up working in digital marketing and product management. I worked on product marketing and co-led the digital transformation of healthcare company MediSolutions, then redesigned the product experience and sales process at XSUNT, a pharma-focused data analytics shop, as their first Director of Marketing. After that, I spent a few years with Kwiat | Fred Leighton, two bespoke luxury jewelry brands, leading their digital transformation and marketing efforts.

I love to collaborate with folks and took on a lot of different projects along the way. Some of the ones I'm most proud of are working with Cornell-Weill University's Vartanian Lab on publicizing their multiple-sclerosis research and a proposal for the NYC Department of Health to tackle childhood obesity.

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